1. Caveman

From The Recordings Html


I'm a caveman
And I don't care what people say man.
I'm a caveman
And I don't care what people say.
I think I got it wrong at first
I had it bad
You had it worse
That was only good for me.
I made it seem like I was broke
I made too many people woke
This round's on me but not for free.
When I tried to get you nude
You reached to stop the honest news
That's just not ok.
'Cause Hannity is sanity
They lied to frame O'Rielly
That's just not ok.
I'm a prefect polished man
Who knows that every Mexican
Should leave my state or take cheap pay.
And I pay all my taxes
To make sure these faggots
Aren't treated in an equal way.
I'm a gay man
But it's something I really shouldn't say man
I can save rent
Stare at pavement
Are the other cavemen looking this way?