1. Minimum Wage

From the recording Taking Names


Heavy head heavy cough
Out of bed you're often late
To the work
That you're pretty sure you hate
To the car
Where a parking ticket waits
There to take
All your cash back to the state.
Take a note
From the city kid in debt
Pretty broke
Overworked and out of breath
Only thing he could do to be fair to you
Is swear to be there to take good good care of you
Oh but it's a slippery slope
Ince by inch to the end of your rope
Oo for a quick review
So we can put you on the payroll.
Do you smoke
Do you drink
Have you visited Russia?
How is your English?
Verify your age.
What's your name
Were you born in Australia?
Can you see color?
Living on minimum wage
Feeling low
'Cause you are
And they towed away your car.
Now you're slow
Won't be going very far.
Who's to know
Might belong right where you are
Doubt it though
'Cause you ain't no movie star.
Take a note
From the pretty girl who came
From a place
With an unfamiliar name.
She would say
Whether light bulb or candlelit
It's not what you've got
But the way that you handle it.
Do you read
Can you write
What's your favorite distraction?
Fake an emotion
Act it out on stage
Pick a card and swallow your resumé
When can you start today?
Living on minimum wage