1. Birdie

From the recording Taking Names


She's landed in the attic of a bird house
Checking out the library
Scoping out the scenery.
Birdie told me 10 pm is lights out.
But these early birds are hurting
From insomnia for certain now.
She's keeping me awake from having daydreams.
My limbs all have paralysis
My heart is beating fast.
It's numb but the itch is amazing.
I fucked it up by scratching
So Birdie has me hatching now.
Take my regards Birdie
Fly them home
Take my regards Birdie
Fly them home
She promised that she'd teach me how to fly
But my wings are never strong enough
And gravity's not letting up.
Birdie seems confused and so am I.
She's telling me that life's a stage
But she's still living in a cage.